Clock Rewinders on a Book Binge {04 29 12}

Clock Rewinders on a Book Binge is where Amanda @ On a Book Bender and I shamelessly plug each other, share the fantastic posts, giveaways, or whatever else we’ve found and loved by other awesome bloggers (or authors!) during the week, and talk about the books we plan on reading in the coming week.

25 Hour Books Recap

Meanwhile, in Tara’s World

  • Work. Work. Work. Gym. Sleep. Work.
    • I’m not sure that I’ve mentioned on here or not, but I received a promotion at work. And while I’m very excited for this opportunity, it means more work and more stress. C’est la vie.
  • My evil trainer was worse than usual this week and three days later my arms still hurt.
  • My husband is amazing and got us tickets to see Florence and the Machine tonight in STL.

On a Book Bender Recap

*** Happy Blogoversary Amanda!!! ***

Around the Book Blogging Community

Search Terms

“live life” – I’m guessing this links back to my posts filled with excuses as to why I’m not on here more often :/

“girl from evermore cover” – Do bloggers talk about the actual models from book covers? Other than Top Off Tuesdays 🙂

GoodReads Stats

*I’m only going to highlight a few… this would be insane considering how long it’s been since I’ve done one of these :/

Read : 270

Currently Reading : 3

To Read : 591

The Week Ahead

I’m not sure yet. I have a list, however, I want to start encouraging myself to read whatever sounds good and not what I *should* read next.

Link Up!

Tara SG
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8 Responses to Clock Rewinders on a Book Binge {04 29 12}

  1. With the ways that my moods switch so much when it comes to reading, I think I’m going to move more towards the books I’ve been reading rather than the ones I’m planning to read.

    Did you ever get more into the Hounded audiobook?

  2. Tara SG says:

    @ Amanda @ On a Book Bender : I haven’t tried yet. I’m almost done with Hunger Games. I can’t decide if I’ll jump into Catching Fire or if I’ll try Hounded again. I’m guessing you would suggest Hounded? 🙂

  3. Smash Attack says:

    You are back! Woot!

    I love your read Goodreads stats. I may steal it, though my CR post is wicked long already…

  4. Natalie says:

    YOU GOT TICKETS TO SEE FLORENCE + THE MACHINE?!?!? I am SO jealous!!! Lol. And thanks for the link love, though I’m still highly amused that my site was the one that was blocked….:)

  5. Patricia says:

    I have a question! I have always done Week in Review posts and added IMMs to that, but I do not feel like doing IMMs anymore. So, I wondered if I could participate in this meme but still keep the name I use right now as long as I added a credit link. Is that okay?

    Also. Florence and the Machine. I am dying a little on the inside. Okay. No. Make that a lot.

    Patricia // My Week in Review

  6. Felicia says:

    I hadn’t read ParaJunkee’s post 🙂 Thanks for linking that!

    I am so jelly at the Flo and the Machines tickets. Your hubby is awesome sauce 🙂

    I loved Catching Fire and Hounded but don’t ask me about Mockingjay LOL

  7. Congrats on your promotion!! And Flo tickets!! That’s an absolutely awesome week in any terms!!

    I think I need to give Game of Thrones a read! Everyone seems to love it.

    I’m trying a new Sunday Meme – Check out Clock Rewinders!

  8. Sometimes I’m intrigued about who the cover model is… I remember seeing a book and being CONVINCED I knew the model from a TV show, and wanted to know… and I know the guy from the Hush, Hush covers has MANY fan 😛

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