This Side of the Grave {mini book review} * * * * 3/4

This Side of the Grave by Jeaniene Frost

– urban fantasy –

reviewed by Tara SG

purchased eBook via

While this review doesn’t have any spoilers for this book,

it does for previous books in the series.

Please do yourself a favor and try these!! (Even Amanda is hooked!)

Book Order (Night Huntress)

  1. Halfway to the Grave
  2. One Foot in the Grave
  3. At Grave’s End
  4. Destined for an Early Grave
  5. This Side of the Grave * * * * 3/4
  6. TBA
  7. TBA
  8. TBA
  9. TBA


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Author’s Twitter : @Jeaniene_Frost

Amazon : paperback / eBook (66 reviews : 4.00ย avg)

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In Six Words

my new favorite book in series

Brief Summary

contains spoilers for previous books!!

Danger waits on both sides of the grave.

Half-vampire Cat Crawfield and her vampire husband Bones have fought for their lives, as well as for their relationship. But just when they’ve triumphed over the latest battle, Cat’s new and unexpected abilities threaten to upset a long-standing balance . . .

With the mysterious disappearance of vampires, rumors abound that a species war is brewing. A zealot is inciting tensions between the vampires and ghouls, and if these two powerful groups clash, innocent mortals could become collateral damage. Now Cat and Bones are forced to seek help from a dangerous “ally”โ€”the ghoul queen of New Orleans herself. But the price of her assistance may prove more treacherous than even the threat of a supernatural war . . . to say nothing of the repercussions Cat never imagined.

– via

Favorite Quotes

sooo many to choose from…

Bones let out a derisive noise. “The day your kind stops killing each other over skin color or which god someone prays to, I might believe that.”

– in response to being told humans would handle being told that vampires are real

“She’s rogering the plumber every Thursday while you’re at the club. Did you really think your loo needed repairs four times this past month?”

The woman let out a shocked gasp even as her husband’s face became mottled.

“You told me he was laying pipe, Lucinda!”

Bones grunted. “Right you are, mate.”

“I love your hands,” he sighed. “You think I look like an angel? Well, Kitten, your hands are my heaven and your eyes my home.”

– complete swoon

** This does not come close to covering all the times I laughed out loud (mostly thanks to Vlad)!!

What I Loved

Can I just say everything? I loved Vlad (cannot wait for his book!). I loved Bones (my first pick book boyfriend). I loved Cat (who is really coming into her own power not just physically, but emotionally). I loved the action, mystery, the romance, the fighting, the steam, the laughter, the tears… Since you’re probably only reading this if you’ve read the book, I hope you felt the same way ๐Ÿ™‚

What I Liked

The ending wasn’t as big as I expected. It wasn’t bad by any means, just kind of simple. Now this can be a good thing. She didn’t pull something out of left field to make it seem more extreme. I’m also a little interested in where it will go from here…

What I Disliked

Not one thing!

Tara SG
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7 Responses to This Side of the Grave {mini book review} * * * * 3/4

  1. Missie says:

    I loved it too Tara!

    Laying Pipe with Bones would be fun. LOL

    Gawd, I’m such a perv. I blame Bones and co. Vlad made me laugh hard core!

  2. Amanda says:

    I get books 3 through 5 tomorrow.

    I should be your poster child (woman?) for trying things outside your comfort zone.

  3. Felicia says:

    You better be glad you let it be known Bones was your first pick cause we would have fought over Vlad LOL

    @Amanda YEAH!

    @Missie we know I loved it too ๐Ÿ™‚ LOL

  4. Natalie says:

    I’ve only read the first three of these, but I SO need to catch up!

  5. Sarah says:

    Oh dear, I had to find out what the fuss was about, and I just started reading the books on Sunday. They’re amazing. Cat and Bones are swoooooon.
    I’m meant to be working, and all I can think of with my fuzzy brain are the 2 of them. The second book is even better than the first! I’ve order books 4 and 5 online, but I think they’re not gonna come in time before I finish 3 ๐Ÿ™

  6. Natalie says:

    I haven’t read this one or the one before it yet, but I really need to get on it!

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