Vampire Trinity {book review} * * * * 3/4

Vampire Trinity by Joey W. Hill

– paranormal, romance, erotica, BDSM –

reviewed by Tara SG

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Book Order (Vampire Queen)

  1. Vampire Queen’s Servant {Jacob & Lyssa}
  2. The Mark of the Vampire Queen {Jacob & Lyssa}
  3. A Vampire’s Claim {Dev & Daniela}
  4. Beloved Vampire {Mason & Jessica}
  5. Vampire Mistress {Anwyn, Daegan, & Gideon} * * * * *
  6. Vampire Trinity {Anwyn, Daegan, & Gideon} * * * * 3/4
  7. Vampire Instinct {Malachi & Elisa} (July 2011)
  8. Bound by a Vampire Queen {Jacob & Lyssa} (Dec 2011)


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This book in 6 words:

near perfect conclusion to Vampire Mistress

Brief Summary

Vampire hunter Gideon Green never intended to become a vampire’s servant. But when Anwyn, a woman with whom he shared an unforgettable night, is turned by a vampire pack, Gideon is forced into an uneasy alliance with one of the most terrifying vampires he’s ever encountered: the mysterious Daegan Rei.

Daegan has a vested interest in Anwyn. As Gideon and Daegan shepherd Anwyn through her dangerous validation with the Vampire Council, it’s clear they must learn to trust each other. But as boundaries erode, Gideon realizes he has become irreversibly changed-by a bond with the two people in his life he can’t survive without: vampires.

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Since you’ll only be interested in this review if you’ve read Vampire Mistress and if you’ve read and liked VM then you’re going to read this book regardless of what I say, I’m going to do this review very differently. I’m just going to let you know why it got the rating it did, argue against the only bad review it has on Amazon, and include my favorite quotes.

Why Did I Give This 4 3/4 Stars?

NO spoilers for Vampire Mistress or Vampire Trinity!

This book is the second half of a complete story beginning with Vampire Mistress (which I gave 5 stars to). I believe the characters continued to develop beautifully and realistically. I really loved getting to see more of Deagan! I enjoyed the change in scenery and the action at the end (which was the only point in the book I had to stop myself from scanning to get to the end because I was so on the edge of my seat). I also liked learning more about what a vampire servant meant to different vampires (I didn’t know much about this since I began the series with VM).

The only reason this book got a lower score than the first was editing issues. The POVs didn’t seem to blend nearly as smoothly as they did in the first book. At some points I had to double check to see who was speaking. I’m even thinking there was a time or two when the wrong name was used. Also, there was a few other issues like someone receiving oral pleasure and then unzipping their jeans a few minutes after (I have slight OCD and issues like that tend to bug me).

I Beg To Differ… (Contains Spoilers!)

On Vampire Trinity has eight 5 star ratings, four 4 stars, and one 1 star. EVERYONE has a right to their opinion and I’m very sorry that this person did not enjoy the book in the way I did. I want to address the issues they had with the book and say why it worked for me.

Mostly it seems that the reviewer felt sorry for Gideon and really who wouldn’t. I won’t argue against the cruelty of the court or the terrible acts that played out there. However, he went willingly. He actually forced Anwyn to let him go after she fought against it for his well-being. It was the only way he could protect her and keep his pride.

Mistress Anwyn claims to understand that Gideon is not a submissive but she wants his willing submission…What?

– from the 1 star review

I don’t think Anwyn wants or expects Gideon to be a “submissive”, she wants him to be a “servant”. I think there is a difference here. She has tried to prove that she would not do anything to him that he wouldn’t want and is asking for that trust.

As I told you from the beginning, you’re not a submissive, Gideon, but you are a servant. You serve. That’s your deepest dream, to protect and serve the love and needs of another to the fullest extent of your soul.

– Anwyn

They liked his fight, and would always welcome his need to do it, as much as he welcomed their arousal from it.

– Anwyn

They also say that Anwyn and Deagan don’t really care about or appreciate Gideon.

After all his sacrifices and heroic acts, one would think he would receive some respect within this trio, oh no, he has to accept the terms of obedience set forth by Mistress Anwyn or leave.

– from the 1 star review

I think that it was INSANELY clear that both Anwyn and Deagan loved Gideon and cherished him. Anwyn was terribly heartbroken after he left and regretted what she pushed him into. I think it really was in his best interest. He had to leave and make the choice to come back otherwise he would never fully believe he wanted to be there (or belonged with them).

I’m not going to say that Gideon’s ending is the typical HEA. It clearly isn’t. However, it is his HEA. He is truly at peace and happy with the situation which is really what is most important.

Favorite Quotes

He was inevitable, the most devetatingly sexy word she’d ever applied to a man.

– Anwyn remembering when she first met Deagan

She thought about screaming, but maybe men were incapable of considering premeditated omission lying. Sort of like the I would have told you I fucked an entire cheerleading squad in you bed, but you never asked, did you? How would I know you’d want to know about that?

LOL funny but true

“If Harry had been less noble, less fair-minded, Cedric would have lived. It is a very classic example of how noble intentions often lead to tragic results.” He straightened, squared off with the hunter. “I have no desire to be Harry Potter.”

– This is not the entire quote due to its length, but I need to mention that this book had the most perfect Harry Potter reference I have ever come across.

“Shouldn’t you be putting on makeup and curling you hair, doing girly stuff?”

“I consider doing you girly stuff.”

To live in the moment if it’s good, or remember that it’s only a moment if it’s bad.

P.S. writing this review has made me want to reread the book again… and I don’t have time to right now 🙁

Tara SG
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